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Imagine a vacation that you don't need a vacation from.

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If this feeling could be bottled, you'd have little need for a pharmacy.

Nestled in the Southern Alps, Aro Ha is just 40 minutes from Queenstown, New Zealand. We offer evidence-based wellness intensives that transform your state of wellbeing. Here the best of longevity research guides our bodies, and insight traditions guide our hearts. This is a place to thrive together.

Salute the rising sun with vinyasa yoga, re-wild yourself in nature, and breath deep so you can live long.  In just a few short days you'll leave rejuvenated and reconnected.

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All retreats are based on our signature arc, and they each promise a surprising shift toward a lighter you. While shorter programs may sound appealing, six days is the minimum duration needed to receive the results you're after. You'll see.

There are three retreat types to choose from. Rest assured, they all deliver.

Revive & Thrive
Winter Wellness
Featured Educator
Our Retreats run on Sunday to Friday

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Revive & Thrive
15 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023
6 day / 5 night
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Not feeling as well as you should?

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You’ve tried yoga. You eat pretty well.   You make an effort each week to prioritise your health, but your energy is still sluggish, your mind is foggy, and it feels like something is missing.

Forget dipping your toes in. It hasn’t worked yet.  The solution lies at the intersection of preventative health, introspection, and immersion.

Aro Ha offers distilled lifestyle practice, intelligently sequenced, amplified by duration.
A highly impactful retreat that can be enjoyed solo, or with a friend.  We can’t promise it will always be easy, but we can promise you won’t regret it, and if you do, we’ll refund your purchase*.

See our Philosophy

A radically
different adventure

The Arc of Aro Ha synthesises a multidisciplinary approach.  We know your time is precious, so we use it wisely by choosing activities that stack functions.  So while you improve physical health, you’ll also be elevating mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Our all inclusive programs welcome you as you are, and empower you through your own natural untapped strengths.

Aro Ha is heart healthy living.  Over the last four years, our guests with high blood pressure saw an average 8.8% improvement in one week. We weave together medically validated recommendations for increasing lifespan and managing the four horsemen of chronic disease: metabolic dysregulation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurodegeneration.

A group of people in a yoga class looking out a large window in a yoga studio in an assisted side plank pose.
Awakening Movement

Switch on the body’s internal mechanisms of wellbeing with functional movement.  Your body’s ability to heal when supported is likely beyond your expectation. Moving with frequency, and with correct intensity stimulates adaptation and Hormesis.  When combined with cleansing nutrition, the effects of movement are far reaching.  Our guests experience a wide array of improvements, from better rest, to increased cognitive clarity. All your living cells will thank you.  

The head chef smiling and holding a tray of bliss balls in a greenhouse.
Personal Development

Transform more than just your body. Develop greater insight into your own potential to live with peace, power, and purpose. The secret is not in what you'll learn, but in what you'll unlearn.

of guests FEEL uplifted or awakened on departure
AVG Decrease in
blood pressure
A white plate with a salad and plant-based beetroot raviolis on it.

At Aro Ha our menu ignites your inner physician. Help heal your microbiome using a plant based diet. You'll eat more locally, organically, and with the seasons.  
Experience what your body feels like when you deeply nourish it while refraining from disruptive habits.

It’s a buzz!

Two women sitting in a spa pool overlooking a lake and mountains in the background during sunset. The light beams over them from right to left
Restore and Reset

Soothe the body with daily massage, and completely unwind in the Obsidian Spa. Based on the proven benefits of hot and cold exposure, enjoy our hot-tub, cold plunge, dry sauna and  infrared sauna.

Readers Choice Awards: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022
“This transformative Southern Alps retreat gives you a full physical and emotional overhaul.”

Feel physically Revived & inspired
"This one good decision will lead you to many more."
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A team of experts

Our team is the magic ingredient that makes your adventure unique. We share a common interest in the art of living exceptionally well. Led by Damian Chaparro, we are a select group of guides, therapists, specialists, and educators. Our purpose is to support those who come here, because in supporting you we support ourselves.

In loving each other, we love ourselves.  

In support of you

Not only will you feel incredible, you'll take home knowledge on nutrition, longevity, movement, mindfulness and more.

Each day you'll choose your path, listening to your body, while enjoying sessions taught by our professional team. Take rest anytime you choose. It's all included, and it's all optional.

“The cracks are where the light gets in, and our hardships provide the perfect invitation to grow together.”
A person laying on the ground in a field overlooking the lake and mountains near Glenorchy, New Zealand
“We create beauty from the only place it actually comes from. The inside.” ~ Damian Chaparro

A day with Aro Hā

Below is a sample of what you can experience in a single day at Aro Ha. Guided by a program like no other, each day builds on the foundation of the previous.
It's best to feel it.

Plant Based Cleansing Menu
Insight & Meditation
Contrast Hydrotherapy Spa
Massage & Treatments
Sleep Hygiene

Is this right for you?

The worst questions are the ones you never ask. Let us know if you have any concerns or queries.

Two women walk side by side on a small track with the sunlight behind themTwo wooden eco-accommodation buildings buildings sitting on top of a lush green hillside overlooking a lake and mountains in New Zealand

The beautiful weather at Aro Ha allows us to run retreats year round. We also offer private group retreats, and corporate retreats where you can design an experience with the support of our team, and yours.

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Give the gift of wellbeing

Wrap rejuvenation into a heartfelt treat. Our gift vouchers invite your loved one to retreat. Perfect for any occasion, these gifts promise unforgettable moments of peace, adventure, and insight.

The Aro Hā story

Aro Ha, was launched in 2014.  The founders vision has evolved into a globally recognised retreat that has transformed the lives of many.

Get back to carefree

Embrace tranquility with Aro Ha’s No Risk Policy. With us, you can look forward to your retreat knowing changes to your dates are fee-free and if you don't leave glowing, we'll refund your retreat cost.

By nature, and by design

Because Aro Ha was purpose built, it embodies healthy architecture and advancements in sustainable living. Passivhaus techniques, mingle with Permaculture Principles, and a Plant-To-Plate philosophy brings vibrancy to your mealtimes. If you love earth-first design, you'll appreciate the unseen layers of intention at Aro Ha.

A basket filled with lots of green lettuces.

Award winning, architecturally designed facilities

Can’t visit in person?

You can now cleanse, retreat, and learn with Aro Ha @home

Checkout how we can support your journey to health from wherever you are. Choose an online program, a therapist, or a coach to support you in meeting your goals.
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