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From the internationally lauded Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, this is a place where we pirouette on the cutting edge of wellness. Founder Damian Chaparro goes beyond the cover with experts in movement, mindfulness, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization. These conscious conversations will take you into the minds and personal stories of those who are illuminating a path toward living exceptionally well. Welcome to the Adventures in Wellbeing Podcast.

Inside a wooden yoga room looking out full room height window with a view of lake wakatipu and mountains in Glenorchy.
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Why Bitcoin Matters
Jeff Booth

Bitcoin believer, Jeff is a co-founder of "ego death capital", he's redefining concepts in the realm of DeFi and AI and reshaping the future of money. From the disruptive force of Bitcoin to the transformative power of automation, we'll explore how these technologies are sculpting the very fabric of wealth creation.

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A woman with her arms out to the side looking left back over her shoulder towards the camera
The Art of Asking
Amanda Palmer

Joining us in the Aro Ha sauna is the ever inspiring American musician, performance artist , writer, and lead singer and pianist for the Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer. We’ll discuss the intricacies in ask and her book “The Art of Asking”, how vulnerability meets strength, and how to keep compassion in our modern world. Tune in and let Amanda’s fearless approach to life inspire you to find your authentic voice.

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Law of Attraction
Andrew Kap

How can our thoughts create our reality? Let this conversation with Best Selling author of "The Last Law of Attraction Book You'll Ever Need To Read”, Andrew Kap, shift your mindset and magnetise you to your happiness and purpose. If you’re looking for a new perspective on an age old technique to manifest your dreams, this one's for you.

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A man's legs walk through high grass on a ridgeline
Rites Of Passage
Adge Tucker & Jamie Howell

In this episode we discuss the value of rites of passage, both for the young people marking the entry into adulthood, and for the elders sharing their wisdom while receiving wisdom from their community.

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A portrait of a man with his hands in prayer pose
Fasting Mimicking Demystified
Ben Dessard

If you've ever been interested in fasting but unsure why and how it's done, this is the episode for you. Ben Dessard, the main guide on our 5-day online fasting-mimicking cleanse, the Seasonal Renew, and Integrative Health Practitioner breaks down the science and sheds light on a topic with so many benefits that it seems too good to be true.

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A wooden building with mountains in the background
Architecting Sustainability
Hugh Tennent

In this episode, we speak to the talented and grounded Wellington, New Zealand-based architect Hugh Tennent. If you’re interested in design, if you’ve ever felt there was something special in the spaces here at Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, or if you’re in the process of designing something yourself, then this is your episode.

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A portrait of a man standing on an inside balcony in a business building
Pandemic to Endemic
Dr. Grant Schofield

These days it's easy to feel fear, frustration, or fatigue when it comes to COVID-19. In this episode, Damian speaks with Professor Grant Schofield to synthesise a refreshing perspective that helps us relax and steer ourselves through these transitional times. Expect to learn what you can do to elevate your immune response, while appropriately assessing risk.

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Harness Your Power to Shift
Scott Schwenk

Prepare to discover an ability to turn the scariest parts of your life into the most valuable learning opportunities. Speaking with Damian is the powerful speaker, breathe work teacher, meditation facilitator, and leadership coach, Scott Schwenk. If you’ve ever been curious about your potential to shift, this is the episode for you.

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A portrait of a woman smiling with short brown hair and a white spaghetti strap blouse
Values First, Then We Feast
Megan May

Using her experience with food as medicine is Auckland, New Zealand’s Little Bird Organics founder, Megan May. She takes us back to the start of her journey into plant-based eating, gives a message to omnivores, and offers some advice on how to create your personal diet through investigating your most important values.

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A man with short and no shirt stands with his feet together and his hands slightly out and eyes closed.
Living A Black Belt Life
Dustin Brown

Damian speaks with the multi-talented Dustin Brown, who we like to call the yoga-ninja-surfer. They delve into navigating the world of yoga as a man and how yoga can support us optimising this human experience.

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A portrait of a man smiling in a white shirt and dark red pants sits on a bench in a garden
Nutrition & Intuition
Ben Warren

A conversation with Ben Warren, talking all things from the connection between nutrition and mental health to cultivating our spiritual landscape.

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A woman with white short hair and blue blouse smiles and leans against a wooden wall inside a retreat center hallway
Empowering Belief
Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland

Damian speaks with the neural-hacking, belief busting, featured educator, Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland. Tune in as Amanda shares insight into her most powerful neural coding tools.

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