Andrew Kap

Law of Attraction

How can our thoughts create our reality? Let this conversation with Best Selling author of "The Last Law of Attraction Book You'll Ever Need To Read”, Andrew Kap, shift your mindset and magnetise you to your happiness and purpose. If you’re looking for a new perspective on an age old technique to manifest your dreams, this one's for you.

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Show Notes


  • What is the law of attraction? How can it be used?
  • Gratitude Blitz – set a timer for a few minutes and list everything you are grateful for
  • Scripting – Write, type or talk about the life you want as if it has already happenedTwo sides of law of attraction - scientific and the magical or ethereal realm
  • “It’s your focus that creates your reality”
  • By letting go of trying to make the universe do it and just enjoying the process. It will then trigger the frequency of what you want and that will magnify or attract those things you need to get it.
  • What makes Andrew’s book stand out
  • What was his gateway into LOA
  • LOA is always happening. It’s just a question of are you using it to your advantage or disadvantage.



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