Amanda Palmer

The Art of Asking

Joining us in the Aro Ha sauna is the ever inspiring American musician, performance artist , writer, and lead singer and pianist for the Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer. We’ll discuss the intricacies in ask and her book “The Art of Asking”, how vulnerability meets strength, and how to keep compassion in our modern world. Tune in and let Amanda’s fearless approach to life inspire you to find your authentic voice.

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Show Notes


  • Who is the creative enigma, Amanda Palmer
  • Amanda's visits Aro Ha
  • Why is it so hard to ask?
  • "...asking makes you vulnerable. It's really that simple. And vulnerability is very frightening for all the obvious reasons." - Amanda
  • How her book "The Art of Asking" took shape
  • Author – Brene Brown
  • The Cultural Complexity of Asking
  • The Influence of Culture on Asking and Receiving
  • Learning to Say No with Compassion
  • The Desire to Be Seen and Heard as an Artist
  • The personal and therapeutic power of music's impact
  • "Music makes us feel less alone because in the expression of the composer, the singer, the player, the offering, It is like this giant cry from one section of humanity to another to say, you're not alone." - Amanda
  • The Power of Asking with Grace and Confidence
  • Forgiveness and Understanding in the Face of Hate
  • The Rise and Fall of Social Media's Utopian Promise
  • The Need for Balance in Digital Life



This podcast is for informational purposes only and not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician.

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