If you want intelligence, learn something new every day. If you want peace, let go of something new every day.

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We are honoured by our guests’ testimonials of course-altering experiences.

Our core mission is to curate a safe, effective, and authentic environment that nurtures your inherent vibrancy. We’ve traveled globally to learn from the best, rigorously tested numerous methods, and embedded the most effective practices in our signature programs. You can arrive with confidence, knowing you’re in expert hands, ready for a personalized experience that meets you exactly where you are on your journey. Aro Ha is a sanctuary for all. Our soul purpose is to support the exploration of our human potential.

Our Story

The roots of Aro Hā trace back to 2005, blossoming into a partnership on May 17th, 2010, when Damian visited Chris, Beth, and their family in Zurich.

Over a pivotal lunch, they discussed global challenges and Damian proposed a vision. His background in physical wellbeing, spiritual studies, and sustainable living through permaculture shaped his belief: individual health is intertwined with the health of our planet. Their meeting in Zurich was the inception of Aro Ha. Within months, the search for a location in New Zealand began, and soon Damian dedicated himself full-time to this vision. Opening its doors on January 12th, 2014, Aro Ha has since garnered international acclaim, including a Condé Nast Gold award in its inaugural year, and continues to be celebrated as a haven for the world’s weary.


At Aro Ha, we are deeply inspired by and interconnected with nature.

While humanity’s impact on the planet has been profound, we believe it’s not too late to harness global wisdom to forge a technologically advanced, ecologically harmonious, and self-aware society. Our collective efforts, both grand and modest, aim for a significant cultural leap - one of the greatest of our time. Our aspiration is for humanity to coexist mutualistically with our planet, fostering peace and stewarding the Earth for countless generations.

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“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Designed using Passivhaus principles, Aro Ha embodies efficiency and sustainability. This German approach results in well-insulated, thermally efficient buildings, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. Built right from the start, these structures promise longevity and minimal environmental impact.

NetZero Energy

Harnessing the power of water and sunlight, Aro Ha achieves NetZero Energy, self-sufficiently meeting our annual energy needs through local renewable resources. Our approach combines Passivhaus efficiency with a blend of solar power, micro-hydro technology, and sustainable timber use, aligning with Glenorchy’s unique environmental context.


Permaculture’s holistic philosophy guides our approach, ensuring no aspect of our ecosystem is overlooked. From the initial design stages to the ongoing operations, Aro Ha integrates permaculture principles, fostering a connection with nature and community resilience. Our commitment to these principles is palpable in every aspect of the Aro Ha experience, from our rewilding initiatives to the regenerative practices that infuse our offerings.

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The Aro Ha Team

Comprised by over 30 dedicated professionals, ranging in passions from permaculture to physiotherapy.

Each team member is passionately committed to exploring our human potential.  Leading the team is Damian Chaparro, a wellness innovator and co-founder of Aro Ha Wellness Retreat. Awarded as a wellness pioneer, Damian’s vision has propelled Aro Ha to global acclaim. His expertise offers transformative experiences both onsite and remotely, making wellness accessible to all.

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