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All Aro Ha programs are based on our award winning signature experience.  Developed by Damian Chaparro to ensure you're safely supported, you can choose freely knowing that the results of your stay will be stupendous.

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Two women sitting in a spa pool overlooking a lake and mountains in the background during sunset. The light beams over them from right to left
A close up shot of a woman getting a back massage from a massage therapist.
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A group of people standing on top of a lush green ridgeline admiring a view of the snow capped mountains
A group of people doing yoga in a room with the instructor at the front

Upcoming Retreats at Aro Hā

Our Retreats run on Sunday to Friday

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Revive & Thrive
15 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023
6 day / 5 night
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A day with Aro Hā

Below is a sample of what you can experience in a single day at Aro Ha. Guided by a program like no other, each day builds on the foundation of the previous. It's best to feel it.

Plant Based Cleansing Menu
Insight & Meditation
Contrast Hydrotherapy Spa
Massage & Treatments
Sleep Hygiene

The Aro Ha Difference

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  • Hike in New Zealand's sub-alpine World Hertiage parks
  • Stretch with Aro Ha Yoga
  • Strengthen using functional movement classes
  • Cleanse through Aro Ha’s plant-based cuisine
  • Focus with mindfulness and meditation
  • Revive with a signature massage each full-day
  • Harness the power of change by learning ‘why’ and ‘how’ our minds work
  • Luxuriate in the Obsidian therapeutic Spa
  • Rest in Zen-inspired eco-accommodation
  • Enjoy small groups