Dr. Grant Schofield

Pandemic to Endemic

These days it's easy to feel fear, frustration, or fatigue when it comes to COVID-19. In this episode, Damian speaks with Professor Grant Schofield to synthesise a refreshing perspective that helps us relax and steer ourselves through these transitional times. Expect to learn what you can do to elevate your immune response, while appropriately assessing risk.

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About Grant

Grant Schofield is a researcher, author, public speaker, Professor at AUT(Auckland University of Technology), and director of the university’s Human Potential Centre (HPC) located at the Millennium Campus in Auckland, New Zealand. His research and teaching interests are in wellbeing and chronic disease prevention especially reducing the risk and eventual mortality and morbidity from obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. He's been interested in human health and performance for his whole career. He started in psychology, went into sport and exercise psychology, then into public health, especially physical activity, then obesity. He wants to know how we can be the best we can be. This crosses disciplines such as biology, medicine, public health, and productivity management. The cornerstones are nutrition, exercise, sleep, neuroscience, psychology, and wellbeing. Sports and exercise have always been a massive part of his life and he competed regularly in triathlons. He is married to his wife Louise and has 3 boys.


Show Notes


Aro Ha's Top 6 Revive & Thrive Pillars

  • Stay Lean
    • Healthy weight - Move towards a healthy weight for you. The number on the scale has nothing to do with your good heart.
  • Stay Active
    • Send the message to your body that it needs to be stronger every now and then. Harness Hormetic forces.
    • Lots of little breaks. Short walks. We spend 84% in low movement environments.
    • Get into nature. Nature is medicine.
    • Stay consistent with you favourite type of movement practice like Yoga
  • Breathe Well
  • Eat Right
    • Mostly plants, nuts, seeds, & legumes
    • Wholefoods, high fibre
    • Unprocessed
    • Low Glycemic
    • Supplement: Vit D, Zinc, Multi
    • Experiment with fasting mimicking diets
  • Relax Well
    • Manage stress - Learn about what you’re made of.  Psychology of change.
    • Spend time studying the 'self'
    • Prioritise Sleep
    • Meditate
    • Reduce screen time
  • Stay Clean
    • Reduce exposure to synthetics & toxins
    • Minimise optional pharmaceuticals
    • Drink less alcohol
    • Prioritise organic
    • Live close to nature
  • Why Grant spoke out against COVID-19 vaccination mandates and people losing their jobs over their vaccination status, and why we weren’t focusing more on metabolic health and other ways we could also effect people’s health outcomes. How can we be less divisive.
  • The data on COVID-19 vaccinations: In what ways are they effective and in what ways are they limited?
  • How we can read the same data and come to a different conclusion or decision, both of which might be logical.
  • How can we find a more loving middle ground between freedom and choice and health and safety, without segregating or creating two classes of people in our society?  
  • Is any country doing it well?
  • How could the government’s approach be tweaked to make it a bit less divisive?
  • “In my field of public health, and I think it’s true in all of medicine, first do no harm, then hopefully you do a great deal of benefit. And I worry with this (COVID mandates) that we are doing more harm than we are doing benefit. To me that is unacceptable” - Grant Schofield
  • “They’re (doctors that oppose the mainstream narrative) not on the fringe of society. These are important people to us” - Grant
  • “I assume, Damian, the type of society you want to live in, which is one I want to live in, is one where we don’t segregate people, where we want to have the best outcomes and cause the least harm, and this appears not to be that” - Grant
  • “I know I personally have people on that I really care about on both sides of this conversation and I almost see that even beyond that is our ability to be open to the logic and reasoning and validity of each others views. And how do we find that middle ground?” - Damian
  • We are all going to have our chance with COVID at some point. “My response to that is, vaccinate if you wish, get as metabolically healthy as you can in the meantime." - Grant  
  • How academics, policy makers and public figures could have been more honest and comfortable being in the ambiguity of the known and unknown.
  • “What you’re finding is people can and do read science and they do so in a coherent and constructive way, and they’ll interpret it in different ways.” - Grant
  • Thomas Sowell - The Vision of the Anointed - when a policy doesn’t work, psychologically we don’t relinquish that policy but feel we should have gone harder - relying on Leon Festinger’s theory of Cognitive Dissonance
  • “More than anything there needs to be an emphasis on health. If I was spending a billion dollars every two weeks, I’d allocate a good portion of that to helping people get metabolically healthy and mentally healthy” - Grant
  • “We’re concerned about that health system getting overwhelmed by COVID? Well, it’s already overwhelmed in many areas. So, I think that hypocrisy there is appalling” - Grant
  • If people were wanting to focus on health, Grant recommends first starting with a whole, unprocessed food diet, as well as moving your body, and getting high quality and quantity of sleep
  • How we could allow a bit more wiggle room, and choice, and not be so absolute so that there would be less trauma
  • “Above all and beyond, we just have to see each other as teammates, whether my view is different to yours, or not, whether I’m vaccinated, or not, it just seems to me that there’s so much more harm caused by seeing part of New Zealand as against me or an enemy” - Damian
  • The mental health issues caused by mandates and that have been an issue in New Zealand for some time
  • Grant’s 5 levers of health and wellness - exercise, food and nutrition, sleep, cold water immersion, and exclusive nasal breathing  



DISCLAIMER: This podcast is for informational purposes only and not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician.

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