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Fasting Mimicking Demystified

If you've ever been interested in fasting but unsure why and how it's done, this is the episode for you. Ben Dessard, the main guide on our 5-day online fasting-mimicking cleanse, the Seasonal Renew, and Integrative Health Practitioner breaks down the science and sheds light on a topic with so many benefits that it seems too good to be true.

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About Ben

Ben Dessard has a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology & Metabolism, is a certified Nutrition Coach and an Integrative Health Practitioner. He is also an ex-Aro Ha Retreat Leader and our main guide on our Seasonal Renew cleanse. Ben has been a yoga teacher for over a decade and is a keen explorer of life and experience optimiser. He is a world traveler, but is currently living in community in the Amara Valley in Spain where he continues to help people rest and retreat.

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Show Notes


    • Ben has 15 years of fasting experience
    • The fasting-mimicking-diet is the only type of fasting that has a large body of clinical trials
    • What types of fasting are there and what are the differences?
    • The benefits of fasting
    • Fasting has become trendy, which has caused some confusion
    • A large issue with the modern lifestyle is the constant availability of food
    • How to determine if you have insulin resistance
    • The science behind that is happening in the body during fasted states
    • How the Fasting-Mimicking-Diet was created
    • Dr Valter Longo's research
    • How IGF1 contributes to cancer and other diseases
    • How to integrate fasting into your life
    • Can I still fast if I'm busy?
    • Ben's journey in fasting and interest in wellbeing
    • What do you notice in the higher levels of ketosis?
    • What is community to you?



This podcast is for informational purposes only and not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician.


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