Jeff Booth

Why Bitcoin Matters

Bitcoin believer, Jeff is a co-founder of "ego death capital", he's redefining concepts in the realm of DeFi and AI and reshaping the future of money. From the disruptive force of Bitcoin to the transformative power of automation, we'll explore how these technologies are sculpting the very fabric of wealth creation.

Podcast cover featuring a headshot of Jeff Booth. He appears confident, with a slight smile. Jeff has short, dark hair and is wearing a smart, dark blazer over a light shirt. The background is soft and blurred, emphasizing his figure. The Aro Ha logo in in white at the bottom.
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Show Notes


  • Conversation with a financial maverick, Jeff Booth.
  • How Bitcoin is re-shaping financial systems
  • Deflationary nature of Bitcoin
  • Truth-based economy
  • Fiat financial system is based on theft
  • Author – The Price of Tomorrow
  • Bitcoin as the new gold standard
  • Decentralised and Secure - key to the new financial system



This podcast is for informational purposes only and not intended to provide financial or investing advice.

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