Adge Tucker & Jamie Howell

Rites Of Passage

In this episode we discuss the value of rites of passage, both for the young people marking the entry into adulthood, and for the elders sharing their wisdom while receiving wisdom from their community.

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Show Notes


    • Adge describes what a Rite of Passage is and how it can inform us at at any age about ourselves.
    • Fostering bonds and preparing for the impending turbulence of adolescence.
    • How going beyond the mundane allows a greater depth of knowledge to unfold
    • What the rites and these experiences offer young men
    • How they see nature, movement, connection, and comradery playing part in the Rite
    • Rewilding ourselves attunes us to the nature of how we belong
    • The role of challenge and fear in instigating growth of the individual
    • The Rites are non-dogmatic and no religious faith required
    • How experiences like the Rites allow our younger generations to test themselves and their edges within a safe community and space.
    • They speak about how these practices also flow into their personal lives
    • If given the opportunity, what they would change in the society in a year
    • Eldership and The Grove of Elders
    • Foundation and the Centre for the Great Turning
    • 18+ Good Men Make Tracks & Ebb and Flow – Weekend courses introducing adults to rites of passage theories and their personal relevance.
    • Late 20s and 30s Programmes – Prior participants are leading and innovating with co-gendered spaces.
    • Wilderness Solos: A unique retreat offering at Quartz Mountain.
    • A bit about Jim Horton, the late co-founder
    • “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” - Mary Oliver
    • “Helping men become more aware of their feeling body, instinctual self. Loosing up the body to loosen the mind.” - Adge
    • “Life is full of challenges like this one here and you can surmount them just like you will here.” -Adge



This podcast is for informational purposes only and not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician.

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