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It's the season of gift giving. In this spirit, we've curated a selection of the very best wellness gifts, each embodying the essence of either physical health, rest and recovery, nutrition, mindfulness or community. There's a gift for every type of loved one, from the fitness enthusiast to those looking for more calm in their life.

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It's the season of gift giving. In this spirit, we've curated a selection of the very best wellness gifts, each embodying the essence of either physical health, rest and recovery, nutrition, mindfulness or community. There's a gift for every type of loved one, from the fitness enthusiast to those looking for more calm in their life.

The products selected by the Aro Ha team stand at the intersection of luxury and practicality, offering either a priceless gift that costs nothing or a valuable, tangible option.

Happy gifting,

The Aro Ha team x

Oura Ring

Oura Ring | Generation 3

The Oura Ring is a revolutionary wearable device that combines style with advanced health tracking technology. It is more than a health tracker; it's like your own personal wellness companion. The ring is designed to monitor various physiological signals, including sleep patterns, heart rate variability, and activity levels, providing a comprehensive view of your overall health and wellness. The minimalist design and ease of use make it an attractive choice for the friend who is looking to gain deeper insights into their health.

Who's It For: The friend who loves to combine technology and movement through detailed wellness monitoring.

Scientifically Sound: A validation study published in Sleep compared the Oura Ring's sleep tracking capabilities to the gold-standard polysomnography, finding that the Oura Ring was particularly accurate in detecting sleep duration and efficiency, with a high sensitivity for identifying sleep and wake states.

Aro Ha Tested: Yes.

Why We Love It: We’re big fans of the Oura Ring for providing a deep dive into your personal health insights without invasive testing. Its precision in monitoring and interpreting health data makes it an invaluable tool for anyone serious about understanding and improving their health and wellbeing. The sleek and lightweight design also makes it very easy to wear in everyday life - the key to getting consistent data. The app is also very user-friendly and provides easy to understand insights. We have Oura Rings available to try while on retreat to offer a next-level insight into how your experience at Aro Ha benefits you.

Ra Optics

Ra Optics | Blue Light Blockers

Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a crucial tool for those looking to protect their eyes and enhance their sleep quality in our digitally dominated world. These glasses are designed to filter out the blue light emitted by screens, which is known to disrupt natural sleep patterns and strain the eyes. By wearing Ra Optics, users can significantly reduce their exposure to harmful blue light, especially in the evening, promoting better sleep and overall eye health.

Who's It For: Anyone who spends significant time in front of screens, including professionals, students, and tech enthusiasts.

Scientifically Sound: A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, has shown that exposure to blue light, particularly in the evening, can disrupt the body's circadian rhythm and suppress the production of melatonin, a hormone vital for sleep. Ra Optics glasses are specifically designed to filter out this light, aiding in the preservation of natural sleep cycles and reducing eye strain.

Aro Ha Tested: Yes.

Why We Love It: While we are big advocates for taking time to have a digital detox in the day, sometimes due to work and life, it’s not possible. Incorporating blue light blockers into your daily routine can be a practical and stylish solution to reduce the adverse effects of blue light exposure from digital devices. We notice big improvements in our sleep and headaches when we wear our glasses for screen time.

The Journey Set | Walden

Enhance the practice of breathwork and meditation with this beautifully designed set. The Journey Set by Walden includes a high-quality meditation mat providing premium support and comfort, an organic pillow, and a lavendar scented eye pillow. The entire set is made with soft premium fabrics from Japan. It's tailored to create an immersive experience that promotes relaxation, mindfulness, and a deeper sense of inner peace that can all be tucked away in an easy-to-store bundle.

Who's It For: The friend that's interested in breathwork, meditation, and seeking a comprehensive kit to enhance their practice.

Scientifically Sound: The benefits of breathwork and meditation are well-documented. A study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that regular meditation and breathwork can significantly decrease stress and anxiety levels. It reported that participants engaged in these practices experienced a reduction in anxiety symptoms by up to 35%.

Why We Love It: This thoughtfully curated set provides all the essentials for a fulfilling and effective breathwork experience, helping to cultivate a serene mind and a rejuvenated body. Its minimalist design makes it stylish and chic.

Let's Get Closer | Table Talk Cards

Thoughtfully designed conversation starters aimed at deepening connections and fostering meaningful interactions. Ideal for gatherings, dinners, or quiet evenings at home, these cards prompt reflective and insightful discussions, encouraging participants to share stories, ideas, and experiences. This interactive gift not only strengthens bonds but also enriches the understanding and empathy among those who partake.

Who's It For: Friends, families, couples anyone wanting to connect more deeply.

Why We Love It: With simple prompts, they open up new avenues to explore the depths of our relationships and enhance our social wellbeing, one conversation at a time. Connection fosters community and a sense of belonging.

Gathera Smart Garden

Gathera | Indoor Smart Garden

The Gathera Indoor Smart Garden is an innovative system that transforms gardening into an effortless experience. Users can control watering and monitor plant growth via a smartphone app, ensuring a thriving garden with minimal fuss - and all from a small space. The Gathera Smart Garden is perfect for those who find solace and wellness in nurturing nature, blending technology with the timeless joy of gardening. It’s a great entry point to gardening - meaning you can enjoy the flavour of freshly harvested food, grown in your kitchen whether you’re short on space or time-poor.

Who's It For: The wellness aficionado with a green thumb

Scientifically Sound: A study published in the Journal of Health Psychology found that gardening can reduce stress levels, with participants showing a significant decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. Specifically, after 30 minutes of gardening, cortisol levels dropped by an average of 12.4% more than after reading indoors for the same amount of time.

Aro Ha Tested: Yes

Why We Love It: We love that it gives you access to home grown herbs and greens, free of pesticides and unwanted bugs. It also uses no soil, and 90% less water than traditional gardens.

A Special Gift: Use code AroHa15 for 15% off

Hungry Bin NZ

The Hungry Bin is a Composting System made in New Zealand. This innovative and eco-friendly solution for waste management, processing up to 2kg per day. Designed to be both efficient and easy to use, this worm composter turns organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, significantly reducing household waste and contributing to a healthier environment. It's an ideal gift for gardeners, eco-conscious individuals, or anyone interested in sustainable living practices.

Who's It For: The friend who is an environmental enthusiasts and loves their garden.

Scientifically Sound: Composting has tangible environmental benefits. According to a study in the Journal of Waste Management, household composting can reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfills by up to 40%, significantly cutting down methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas.

Aro Ha Tested: Yes, we use them here at Aro Ha.

LifeStyle Libre | FreeStyle Libre

The FreeStyle Libre is a modern continuous glucose monitor (CGM) - an invaluable tool for the friend who likes to go deep into their body's data. A CGM offers a deeper understanding of their body's glucose responses into the impact of diet, exercise, and stress on blood sugar levels, indicating whether they are either hyperglycemia, where the glucose levels are too high, or hypoglycemia, where the levels are too low. The CGM is about the size of a coin and placed onto the upper arm which takes readings every minute, and then sent to the user-friendly app on their smartphone. Blood sugar insights are incredibly valuable to understand the body's unique response to daily life, and how the user can reduce the spikes for an overall healthier disposition.

Who's It For: The friend who is interested in 'biohacking'.

Scientifically Sound: A study in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics found that participants using continuous glucose monitors experienced greater reductions in body weight and improved blood glucose control. Specifically, the study noted a significant correlation between continuous glucose monitoring and better adherence to dietary plans, which is essential for effective weight management.

Why We Love It: We love continuous glucose monitoring as an essential tool for anyone looking to take a proactive approach to their health, offering insights that guide healthier lifestyle choices and enhance overall wellbeing. By providing real-time glucose readings, a CGM enables a more nuanced understanding of how diet, exercise, and stress impact blood sugar levels. We utilise them here on retreat at Aro Ha for guests to gain deeper understanding on how certain foods harbour or help their blood sugar levels.

Aro Ha Tested: Yes, we use them here at Aro Ha.


Therabody | TheraGun

Handheld massage devices have become popular over the last few years, but Therabody’s products take it up a level. As the original innovator in this field, Therabody introduced the concept of percussive therapy to the market. Using an advanced percussive therapy technique, the TheraGun helps in breaking down knots, increases blood flow, and releases built-up lactic acid. You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy the benefits of vibrational therapy. If you have a friend or loved one who suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pain from their work environment or recreational activities, then treating them to a hand massage gun can provide immediate relief they can enjoy at home.

Who's It For: The fitness enthusiasts and anyone seeking muscle recovery.

Scientifically Sound: Applying percussive therapy to a muscle stimulates sensory receptors in the muscles, triggering reflexes that encourage muscle relaxation - also known as the ‘neuromuscular’ sense. This can lead to both pain relief and improved range of motion.

Aro Ha Tested: Yes.

Why We Love It: Massage is an essential component of our wellness toolkit. Using a hand-held device bridges the gap between professional therapy and daily self-care and the TheraGun transcends ordinary massage tools by delivering targeted, high-intensity muscle treatment. It's important to choose a product that's right for the person -  some of their ‘Pro’ range pack quite a punch, so we’d reserve those models for the high-intensity athletes.

Higher DOSE Sauna Blanket

HigherDOSE | Infrared Sauna Blanket

The HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket ingeniously modernises traditional sauna therapy. By harnessing infrared technology, the ‘blanket’ offers a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, right from the comfort of your space. This relaxation tool is not just about unwinding; it's a nod to the healing power of heat therapy. It’s easy to clean with a simple spray and wipe down after each use.

Who's It For: The loved one who wants to detox and relax.

Scientifically Sound: The scientific community, including a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, recognises regular sauna use as beneficial for heart health, noting a correlation with decreased risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Why We Love It: This innovative blanket offers a convenient, yet powerful means to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing through sweating. We're advocates of using both traditional and infrared sauna therapy to enhance our wellbeing, and HigherDOSE’s blanket means you can reap all the detox benefits of an infrared sauna in a portable and storable device.

Outdoor Adventure

An adventure with a friend in nature is a priceless wellness gift that offers profound benefits for both physical and mental health. Whether it's a day hike in the local hills, a weekend camping trip, or exploring a scenic bike trail, these shared experiences in the great outdoors provide an opportunity to connect with nature and strengthen bonds with friends. Create a handmade gift certificate that alludes to the adventure. Plan a surprise location, tell your friend what to bring, pack some nutritious snacks for the journey and let the conversation flow.

Who's It For: Nature enthusiasts, friends seeking quality time together, and anyone looking to combine social interaction with outdoor activity.

Scientifically Sound: Research published in Environmental Science & Technology revealed that just 5 minutes of exercise in a natural outdoor environment can increase self-esteem and mood by over 15%.

Aro Ha Experience: If you're looking for a next-level gift for an adventure in nature, we offer gift vouchers for a retreat at Aro Ha.

Why We Love It: A nature immersion with a friend is one of the best ways to connect and soak up all the healing benefits of the outdoors. We love seeing guests out connecting on a hike through deep conversation, or sometimes just walking in silence, taking a much needed moment to just be. Fresh air, great company, no distractions. Bliss.

Community and Time

Your Time & Energy

Gifting your time and energy is a profoundly personal and impactful wellness gift. Often we think of gifts as material objects, but in this busy world, gifting your personal time and love to a friend is priceless. Maybe it's cooking a friend your world-famous lasagne, helping your neighbour with chores they've been unable to get to, or setting up a Zoom date with a cup of tea to spend quality time with a loved one. Gifting your time and acts of kindness are not just generous gestures; they are fundamental to building a nurturing and caring community, enhancing not only the well-being of the recipients but also enriching the giver's life with purpose and joy. We love the idea of creating a handwritten card with a 'coupon' for '1x home cooked dinner', or alternatively if they aren't in your location you could create a e-card. Paperless Post is a great option for creating a digital gift you can send via email for '1x Christmas Zoom date'.

Who's It For: Anyone seeking deeper mindfulness, self-awareness, and a sense of community.

Scientifically Sound: Insights from the Blue Zones research, which studies regions with the highest life expectancies, show that strong community ties play a critical role in longevity and wellbeing. For instance, in Okinawa, Japan – a Blue Zone – the sense of community and social support networks, known as 'moai', are believed to contribute significantly to the residents' remarkable longevity and mental health.

Why We Love It: At Aro Ha, we believe in the power of community and the profound impact of personal connections. Gifting your time and kindness resonates with our ethos, fostering a culture of compassion and mutual support is essential for holistic wellness.

Elevating Wellness with Aro Ha's Expertly Curated Selection

Our expertly curated selection of wellness gifts reflects Aro Ha Wellness Retreat's deep commitment to fostering a lifestyle of health, balance, and rejuvenation. We've chosen items for the Best of Wellness Gift Guide that reflect key areas for an exceptional life; movement, nutrition, tech, community, insight, and rest.

Have a great holiday season,

The Aro Ha team x

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