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Ozempic for Weight Loss?

Elon Musk is taking it along with a drove of influencers - but is this quick-fix to weight loss a long-term step to wellbeing?

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Elon Musk is taking it along with a drove of influencers. Should we be paying attention if we’re not a type-2 diabetic or dealing with complications associated with obesity?

The use of weight-loss drugs is nothing new.  As Huey Lewis said, “I want a new drug…”. Culturally we love the idea of a quick fix for what ails us. While Ozempic represents the latest popular solution to weight management, it’s crucial to approach it with a well-informed perspective, especially when considering the holistic approach we cherish here at Aro Ha.

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic, generically known as semaglutide, is a medication initially used for managing type 2 diabetes. It works by mimicking a hormone that targets areas in the brain regulating appetite and food intake, leading to reduced hunger and potentially significant weight loss.

What about Wegovy, Rybelsus, Mounjaro, and Zepbound?  To keep this brief, these drugs are all derivatives of Ozempic.  Developed by Novo Nordisk and later Eli Lilly, these drugs all harness the active ingredients semaglutide or tirzepatide. They are GLP-1 agonists.  First to market was Ozempic in 2017, with all the rest following suit due to Ozempic’s meteoric rise.

One of the reasons Ozempic has seen its popularity skyrocket is that not only does it reduce compulsive eating, but it seems to reduce compulsiveness more generally.  So some people are reporting changes in drinking, smoking, and even shopping.

Benefits of Ozempic

  • Effective Weight Loss: Clinical studies have shown Ozempic to be effective in reducing body weight.
  • Improved Blood Sugar Control: Ozempic can help manage blood glucose levels.
  • Convenience: As a weekly injection, it offers a convenient option.
  • Reduced Compulsiveness:  Studies have looked at how GLP-1 drugs can help with addictions; like smoking, drinking, and even heroin.

Downside of Ozempic

  • Side Effects: Users may experience gastrointestinal issues like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea, and the latest addition, blocked intestines. Long-term effects are still under study.
  • Cost and Accessibility: Ozempic can be expensive.  Access can be limited by supply, so taking these drugs for cosmetic reasons can mean that those with life-threatening diseases may have to wait until supply catches up with demand, in order to lower the cost.
  • Temporary Solution:  This is the biggest issue for me.  You need to take it for as long as you want the effects.  Eek.

A holistic perspective

To be clear, I’m a fan of modern medicine.  I’d likely be dead, or at least maimed, without antibiotics and surgery.  If you need to take a pharmaceutical to save your life, the choice is fairly clear.   However, those who are taking pharmaceuticals for cosmetic reasons, or as a way to deal with inner stresses, have an additional choice.  Inner work.  While getting to know ourselves, can feel obtuse or daunting, a better understanding of the true source of our thoughts, emotions, and fears affects every aspect of our lives.  Whether we’re dealing with heartbreak, or recovering from a heart attack, the voice in our heads can either be our best friend or an unrelenting enemy.

Pillars that support healthy weight loss:

  • Parts Inquiry: Most of us have parts of ourselves that struggle, parts that judge and parts that try to manage the chaos of life. Becoming better acquainted with our inner world is the single most important foundation of health. Whether reading an insightful book or spending time in meditation, unburdening our parts is paramount. Try our 20 minute guided Walking Meditation. What you see outside, began inside.
  • Diet and Nutrition: Embracing a balanced whole foods diet can have profound effects on your weight and overall health. At Aro Ha, we advocate for a culture that values a Plant To Plate mentality that connects us more deeply with our food. We slow down, practice gratitude, and eat more mindfully.
  • Physical Activity: Regular movement, particularly in nature, is paramount. We love Yoga and nature immersions, which only help in weight management but also improves mental health and resilience.
  • Community: Prioritising involvement in a supportive community, or even being the person who builds community, is a cornerstone of our sense of contentment.  When we feel supported and loved, we don’t need to turn to food to sooth our difficult days.   This is why Aro Ha is quite literally built around community.


While medications like Ozempic can be part of a weight management strategy, especially for those with life threatening medical conditions, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Regardless of whether we choose to use Ozempic, what we ultimately seek isn’t found in a shot. Our inner world is laden with clues, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are trailheads for walking the path to living wakefully. We’re not looking to arrive at perfection, but instead looking to love our perfect imperfections, while prioritising what matters most.

In health,