The Aro Ha Cookbook: Plant to Plate

Celebrating a decade of wellness at Aro Ha, we're thrilled to share our long-awaited cookbook - Plant To Plate.

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Food is more than fuel; it's a community, a mind-shaper, and a bridge from fear to love. This cookbook goes beyond recipes; it's timeless, beautiful, and practical, offering something for everyone.

This is your very own wellness adventure in the heart of your kitchen. In these pages, discover recipes that weave nature, nourishment, and nutrition into every meal. At Aro Ha, we believe in a plant to plate philosophy that honours the journey of food from its origin to the table, emphasising a connection to the earth and a mindful approach to eating.

This philosophy underscores the importance of sourcing ingredients thoughtfully, understanding the impact of our choices, and embracing a holistic approach to nourishment. Our hope is that these pages help you thrive from the inside out, turning your kitchen into a place of connection. Join us as we explore topics from plant to plate, nourishing ourselves and the planet together.

What's inside?

  • Our Story
  • Nourishing Recipes
  • Eating with the Seasons
  • Photos to bring you back to Aro Ha
  • Kitchen Tips & Tricks
  • Earth to Table
  • Microgreens & Edible Flowers
  • Fasting Recipes
  • Creating beautiful food
  • Ceremony & Mindfulness
  • Plus much more...

Embrace the Aro Ha Plant to Plate philosophy and let these recipes guide you on a journey where every ingredient tells a story, and every meal is an opportunity to nourish not just your body, but your connection to the world around you. Welcome to a world where the plate becomes a canvas, and each bite is a step towards a more mindful, balanced, and connected way of living.

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Some wonderful words about the book:

"Such a beautiful cookbook, full of amazing healthful recipes and inspiring writing and photographs. Thanks Aro Ha 🙏"

"The Aro Ha cookbook is beautifully presented and filled with retreat favourites that I can’t wait to try for myself. So well worth waiting for!"